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Everyone gets a fair chance to win

Multichain yield maxi no-loss prize game

Why Taksh?

Taksh is on a mission to give all benefits a no-loss prize game can offer!

Fair Chance

With Taksh, you get a fair chance to win!


Rewards are compounded, so you earn more

Protocol Support

Taksh supports diverse yield protocols

How to Taksh

It is easy to participate to become eligible for weekly pool prize

Check all running pools

Check current active pools on the app. To participate, you will need respective tokens on corresponding chains.

Deposit your assets in the pool

Connect your wallet and click on ' Deposit' to participate in the pool. Wait for transaction to complete.

Get an opportunity to win prizes weekly

Sit back and relax! By depositing, you become eligible for the draw. Winners are drawn weekly. Dashboard is where you will know if you have won.

You always have chance to win!

Even if you don't win the draw, do not worry.  You will keep on earning participation rewards and become eligible for the next round of draw if you don't withdraw your deposits.

Taksh is Multichain

Taksh supports all the major Blockchains in the DeFi ecosysytem.

Taksh is Multichain

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Rise and DeFi with Taksh

We are on mission to create a gamified, robust, and multi-chain ecosystem around a no-loss prize game. Let's do this together!

Frequently asked questions

What is a no-loss prize game?

No-loss prize is a DeFi spin on the traditional lottery. The worst part of playing the traditional lottery is that you lose your moeny if you don't win.

No-loss prize game is a win-win for participants:

- Participants do not lose deposited assets
- They don't need to purchase ticket for every participation
- No-loss prize game becomes a saving account
- With Taksh, participants earn rewards for participating

Why Taksh?

The whole appeal of no-prize games fascinates us. But current no-loss prize games in the ecosystem have severe limitations. Given the rise in usage of DeFi, we believe that the no-prize game concept has great potential and if done right can become a go-to saving avenue for users. Taksh is on a mission to give all benefits of no-loss prize game can offer.

Why do other no-loss prize games make no sense?

Current no-loss prize games:
Do Not Provide Participants A Fair Chance To Win
Do Not Compound Rewards, Leaving A Huge Opportunity To Maximize The Yields
Do Not Diversify Yield Sources
Do Not Support Yield Protocols
Do Not Provide Yield To Participants

What makes Taksh unique?

Participants Get A Fair Chance To Win & Rewards
Perpetual Yield System
Supports Yield Protocols
Reward Compounding

Where do I start?

On the dapp, you will see the current active pools. DAPP will prompt you to connect the wallet. You will need to have respective assets on the respective chain in your wallet in order to participate.